A SPAlicious five-star day!

Sometimes, it`s important to do something for yourself. Treat yourself well and give yourself a little luxury, whatever that means to you. So why don’t we do it more often? Walking towards the five-star luxury hotel “Europäischer Hof” in Heidelberg (on a “normal” Tuesday) to get a facial (in the Aziz Beauty Lounge) and some spa luxury…… Continue reading A SPAlicious five-star day!


Let me stay forever!

This hotel really just made me want to stay in my room for as long as absolutely possible! Such elegant, modern and yet cozy surroundings made me want to linger. Which hotel am I talking about? The Jumeirah Frankfurt I admire the Jumeirah hotels and I have (unfortunately) slept in only one of them myself;…… Continue reading Let me stay forever!


“The world`s best cake” – the Norwegian national cake!

As a norwegian girl, my favorite cake in the world is of course our national cake – the so-called “best cake in the world” (“verdens beste”). Another name is Kvæfjordkake. Even though it has a strange name; when tasting it, you will know why! It really IS the best cake in the world!:-) Whenever I…… Continue reading “The world`s best cake” – the Norwegian national cake!


Sleep in a real wine barrel!

Imagine the Rhine Valley with its beautiful river, flowers and vines as far as you can see, the sound of river boats cruising through the streamy water and the smell of summer. This is Rüdesheim to me, situated in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (UNESCO). It`s idyllic. I was there several times. Once, I took…… Continue reading Sleep in a real wine barrel!


Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel

I was lucky enough to spend a night at the The Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, situated directly at the Frankfurt Airport (actually directly above the train station, which you do not hear at all). It was a very good night sleep:-) Have you ever heard about “The Squaire”? Above the train station at the airport…… Continue reading Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel


A colorful world of flavors

As I have gotten to know the Chilean cuisine over the last years, I have also learned to like it a lot and appreciate the mix of different flavors that I was not familiar with. Having a Chilean husband has opened the doors to this colorful world of flavors and I like to cook Chilean…… Continue reading A colorful world of flavors

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A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!

In January 2017, was awarded with the German “Liebster award” (dearest award), nominated by my dear friend Marija Heller. Thank you very much for the nomination! Marija and her blog Alltagsreisen (in German) was awarded by another great German blog called Gehaichnis, credit to both of them for having awesome blogs with lots of travel…… Continue reading A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!