Sleep in a real wine barrel!

Imagine the Rhine Valley with its beautiful river, flowers and vines as far as you can see, the sound of river boats cruising through the streamy water and the smell of summer. This is Rüdesheim to me, situated in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (UNESCO). It`s idyllic.


I was there several times. Once, I took my mother for a weekend visit and we stayed in Rüdesheim at a hotel called the Lindenwirt Hotel. The hotel is very authentic German with a nice restaurant and a great location in the middle of the Drosselgasse, tourist area # 1 in town. Our room was cozy and clean, but the special thing about this hotel is about to come:

I know it sounds crazy, but in this hotel you can actually spend the night inside a real wine barrel! The wine barrel rooms are unique and a true one-of-a-kind experience. I believe the hotel has six barrels, all including their own bathroom.


Even though I didn`t sleep inside the barrel, I got to have a look inside and I loved this idea. To have a look inside the barrel, please follow this link. They are so sweet!

I would love to try an sleep in one – next time I`m in Rüdesheim I will try it:-)

To read more about Rüdesheim and what to do there (and the wine!), please have a look at my previous post “6 good reasons to visit Germany!“.

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –




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