Magic moments in the Norwegian woods!

What does a perfect day look like? My baby girl and I celebrating the perfect catch! Magic moments sometimes come unexpected and in various forms. This weekend, my daughter, my mom and I were so lucky to experience some real Christmas magic! A local farmer brought us along on his tractor up in the snow-covered… Continue reading Magic moments in the Norwegian woods!

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Charlotte in Charlotte – a culinary explosion!

Going to Charlotte (NC) - the Queen City - was a big and positive surprise. I had no idea what to expect and didn't really know anything about the city before going there. I thought it would be really cool to visit a city that shares my name! And then, what happened? Turned out that… Continue reading Charlotte in Charlotte – a culinary explosion!


Working on my bucket list!

This summer, one of my dreams finally came true. A "check" on my bucket list! To see the slideshow and find out what it was, push play: Dare to make your dreams come true, the journey starts with a single step! - Charlotte - Thank you, Feet Do Travel, for letting me share!


A midsummers dream!

Last Friday, my family and friends in Norway celebrated the yearly event of midsummer, or as we call it "St. Hans". It's a celebration of the shortest night of the year and a great highlight for us when it comes to scandinavian celebrations. Since I did not have the opportunity to go home for the… Continue reading A midsummers dream!


My TOP 6 activities on Norway`s “17. Mai”!

This month I went to Norway to celebrate our national holiday, May 17 (a celebration of our Constitution). I wanted my daughter to experience this day with our family in Norway; her first of many national holidays. So, many people ask me what we do to celebrate this special day? Let me walk you through… Continue reading My TOP 6 activities on Norway`s “17. Mai”!

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The Rheinstein Castle – a “Rhine” beauty!

The Rhine Valley in Germany is famous for all its castles and good wine. Let me show you one of my favorites! Like a little gemstone in the middle of the Rhine Valley I discovered the beautiful Rheinstein Castle. It has soul! It`s a steep walk up (but very short) to the castle after arriving… Continue reading The Rheinstein Castle – a “Rhine” beauty!


The captivating surroundings of Denver

My trip to Denver turned out to be amazing, not so much because of the city itself (I admit not having enough time to explore it, and I still enjoyed it), but most of all because of all the great things you can see and do in the surrounding areas. The wildlife is flourishing, and… Continue reading The captivating surroundings of Denver


Jazz and joy in New Orleans!

Arriving at the airport in New Orleans, the first thing meeting me, is a huge statue of Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet. So I thought, hey, this can`t be anything than good. There was already music streaming from the loudspeakers - and the music was to follow me the whole week through. New Orleans -… Continue reading Jazz and joy in New Orleans!


OSLO – the capital of winter wonderland!

Would you like to take a journey with me to my personal winter wonderland? Come with me to Oslo, Norway, and read about one of my favorite cities. The city is a fascinating place, also in the winter time, and it has its own magic when covered in snow. Norway's capital has almost 650.000 inhabitants… Continue reading OSLO – the capital of winter wonderland!