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A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!

In January 2017, was awarded with the German “Liebster award” (dearest award), nominated by my dear friend Marija Heller. Thank you very much for the nomination! Marija and her blog Alltagsreisen (in German) was awarded by another great German blog called Gehaichnis, credit to both of them for having awesome blogs with lots of travel inspiration!


This is how it works: if you get awarded you need to answer eleven questions and nominate a blogger that you like. Easy!

So, here we go (translated from German):

1. Was hat dich motiviert deinen Blog zu eröffnen? What motivated you to start your blog?

I have traveled so much and always wanted to write a diary of my journeys. In todays world, this means having a blog;-) I like the idea of my journeys maybe inspiring someone to also travel to the amazing destinations on my blog – or just enjoy reading about it!

2. Was sollte man sich bei einem Besuch in deiner Heimat unbedingt ansehen? What are the must-sees in your home town?

The very first blog post on Charlotteontheroad is about my home town in Northern Norway. Last fall I also wrote a piece on it, having been there to celebrate my daughters name day. Check them out and have a look, then you will se all the great things about my dear home town (Melbu)!

3. Hotel oder Zelt? Hotel or tent?

In the North of Norway (paradise for nature lovers) I love to go camping and I have spent countless nights in a tent. Any other place I prefer a hotel!
4. Was gehört für dich im Flugzeug unbedingt ins Handgepäck? What will one find in your hand-luggage?

Water, lip balm, hand cream, something to read, my mobile phone, headphones, snacks….although this has changed a bit after becoming a mom. Now a days you can also find a diaper in my hand-luggage! hehe…!

5. Welche Stadt hat dich bisher am meisten beeindruckt? What is your favourite city?

This question is almost impossible to answer, I have several favorites…but if I have to choose one, it has to be San Francisco! (or Sidney…or Prague…or Oslo..Barcelona…?).

6. Womit verbringst du deine Freizeit am Liebsten? How do you like to spend your spare time?

With my family and friends, dancing, singing and of course, traveling. I also like to cook and read (should I mention Netflix?)!

7. Welches Ziel steht auf deiner Reise-Wunschliste an erster Stelle? What destination is on top of your bucket list?

Oh, my list is very long and they are all on top! Difficult question! But a tropical island with nothing but me and the beach is high on the list right now in the middle of changing diapers and washing baby clothes:-) it could be nice just doing nothing for a couple of weeks (the moms will know what I`m talking about)! Seriously though, I would love to explore more of Australia!

8. Welche Sprache würdest du gerne noch lernen? Which language would you like to learn?

French fluently.

9. Wie informierst du dich vor deinen Reisen über das Reiseziel – Internet, Reiseführer, Reisebüro,…? Where do you gather information prior to your travels (Internet, travel agency, travel guides etc.)?

I normally use the internet, it`s just quicker and easier.
10. Ist bei einer deiner Reisen schon einmal richtig etwas schief gelaufen? Wenn ja, was? Did something ever go really wrong on one of your journeys, and if yes, what?

I did travel through Europe with the train when I was 18 years old. Visiting Berlin, we locked all our stuff into a security box at the rail station to go see the city. On the bus, my wallet got stolen with the key to my box! It was a nightmare getting the box re-opened and we had to pay a lot of money to get our stuff back!

11. Wofür springst du morgens aus dem Bett? What is the main reason for you to jump out of bed in the morning?

My little Josie:-)

This was fun, I hope you all enjoyed it! I nominate my good friend and word-artist Pleric for the Liebster Award – you deserve it buddy!

Here are your questions, Pleric:

1. Wann hast du begonnen zu bloggen?

2. Wie bist du auf das Thema deines Blogs gekommen?

3. Was motiviert dich und lässt dich dran bleiben?

4. Wofür brennst du? Was ist deine größte Leidenschaft?

5. Dein Haus steht in Flammen und du hast nur 3 Minuten: Was packst du ein?

6. Welchen großen Wunsch hast du?

7. Worüber kannst du herzhaft lachen?

8. Welche Marotte hast du?

9. Was inspiriert dich für den nächsten Artikel?

10. Was war bislang in Bezug auf das Bloggen deine größte Herausforderung?

11. Wie lautet deine Message, was möchtest du in der Welt verbreiten?

Viel Erfolg!

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –


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