“The world`s best cake” – the Norwegian national cake!

As a norwegian girl, my favorite cake in the world is of course our national cake – the so-called “best cake in the world” (“verdens beste”). Another name is Kvæfjordkake. Even though it has a strange name; when tasting it, you will know why! It really IS the best cake in the world!:-)

Whenever I make it, people go crazy about it. Family members who normally don`t like eating cake take a big piece and enjoy it heartily! So, I want to share this little “secret” with you – my grandmother`s recipe (brought to me by my mom). Here we go!


Step one:

125 gr. sugar

125 gr. butter (soft)

(mix well until it becomes creamy and white)

4 egg yolks (save the egg whites for step two)

3 tablespoons milk

125 gr. flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

(mix this into the sugar/butter mix little by little, starting with the egg yolks – mix well)

Spread the mix on a tray in a thin layer and move on to step two:


4 egg whites

200 gr. sugar

(mix very well – rather to much than to little – that was always my mistake in the beginning until my mom “saved” me with her advice).

Spread the merengue mix on top of the thin layer you made before (on the tray). Top it with chopped almonds!

Preheat the oven, 175°. Put the cake in the oven, middle rack for 20-30 minutes. Don`t let it get to brownish. Take it out and let it cool completely.

Step 3:

Filling: mix vanilla cream (I use instant vanilla cream) with whipped cream – let your own taste decide the mix (I prefer a little more vanilla cream and less whipped cream to give it a little more taste)!

Step 4:

Bringing it all together!

Cut the cooled cake in two halves and turn one of them upside down (with the almonds down). On this part, spread the filling. Then, put the other half on top of it all and – voilà!

Step 5:

Eat and enjoy! And please, don`t think about calories when eating this cake! Just enjoy it and have as many pieces as possible. I always make a double portion because if not, the whole family would have a big fight about who had how many pieces etc. (you get the picture)!

Bon appétit!

C x








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