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My glimpse of Berlin!

I arrived at the Berlin Ostbahnhof and walked to my hotel, the Michelberger Hotel, with just a small suitcase in my hand. I was just staying for one night only, so I didn’t need much stuff with me. But this short walk, maybe 15 minutes, already blew my mind. I walked along the East Side…… Continue reading My glimpse of Berlin!

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Chocolate passion in Weinheim, Germany!

Chocolate and travel, two of my biggest passions! In the cozy, half-timbered town of Weinheim (on the famous Bergstraße), both of my passions meet in a fabulous way. I went to visit the town and a man who probably loves chocolate more than I do (if even possible), Peter Gärtner, owner and soul of the…… Continue reading Chocolate passion in Weinheim, Germany!


I made it to the finale!!

Yayyyyy!!!! I am super excited! Charlotteontheroad has made it to the finale of the Momondo Open World Award in both categories! I can’t believe it and I want to thank everyone who voted for me soooo much! I can’t wait to go to Berlin for the finale event in June. I will keep you posted.…… Continue reading I made it to the finale!!


The Momondo Open World Award nomination

I need your votes! Yayyy! My travel blog is nominated in two categories for the Momondo Open World Award and I would really appreciate your votes! To vote in the Blog category:!/blog/190 To vote in the Open World category:!/blog/191 You can vote in both categories by entering your name and email address, accepting…… Continue reading The Momondo Open World Award nomination

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Losing my heart in Vienna💝

My expectations were huge before going to Vienna. It has been high on my bucket list for years and now I was finally going there. What could I expect? Would Austrias capital deliver? Arriving in Vienna, we approached the inner city circle and I was already stunned before even leaving the airport shuttle. So many…… Continue reading Losing my heart in Vienna💝

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Soul searching in the Black Forest

I spent the last few weeks soul searching, taking some time out. To do that, I headed for the famous Black Forest in south-west Germany. No, it is not one forest and no, it is not black:-) The Black Forest is a forested mountain range (and Germany’s biggest nature park)! Go figure….! The nature is…… Continue reading Soul searching in the Black Forest