Let me stay forever!

This hotel really just made me want to stay in my room for as long as absolutely possible! Such elegant, modern and yet cozy surroundings made me want to linger. Which hotel am I talking about?


The Jumeirah Frankfurt

I admire the Jumeirah hotels and I have (unfortunately) slept in only one of them myself; the Jumeirah Frankfurt. I hope to be able to explore the others too one day, obviously the ones in Dubai are high on the list.

The Jumeirah Frankfurt hotel gave me the feeling of being someone very special. The service was amazing and they really provide “the little extra touch” to it, like for example handing you warm towels to clean your hands while checking in (they even smelled wonderful). At this moment I knew it would be great­čśŐ

To use the elevator you don’ need your key card or to push any button, very nice for guests entering with their hands full (and for me always searching my bags for that stupid key card). Loved this high technology!

When entering my room, I first noticed the elegant “open solution” for the bathroom (this is different from room to room, I got a tour through the hotel and saw the suites…wow). I decided I want to stay here forever. Not to mention the bed, which gave me the best sleep I’v ever had.

Breakfast was wonderful and they had the biggest selection of special teas I have ever seen (something that for me is a very important thing as I drink only tea and no coffee).

So you get the picture, this hotel is one of my absolute favorites and I can recommend it heartily! They even make their own honey with bees staying on the hotel roof (served at breakfast).

The Jumeirah Frankfurt has 217 luxury rooms and 49 suites. I had dinner in one of the hotel restaurants, Max on One, and the food was great. I love flowers in my salad:-)

The hotel is situated right in the middle of the city center and some of the rooms provide a beautiful skyline view (including the Main River). Frankfurt is a nice city with lots of hidden gems. A post on Frankfurt will follow shortly in the travel section.



Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –


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