London and its great surroundings!

"Good friends in front of the Tower Bridge - my travel companion - Anne"  London. I have the feeling that this is a city where most people have been to, but everyone has a different story to tell. Last week, I visited London with a new angle - to combine seeing the city and the… Continue reading London and its great surroundings!


Digging for gold on the Golden Coast!

While waiting for my next trip (to London in one week), I would like to take you with me on a dive through old memories that haunt me over and over again. I visited this destination years ago, but I can still hear it calling for me: "Come back, Charlotte", and I hope to get… Continue reading Digging for gold on the Golden Coast!


Sweet candy flavored Los Angeles!

The city of angels - angels with "dirt on their wings"! Los Angeles is far from the picture of innocent angels with white wings and  pristine intentions. It`s the city of the rich, the poor, the clean, the dirty, the "Be`s" and the "wanna Be`s" — all in a strange and wonderfully colored mix. Los Angeles… Continue reading Sweet candy flavored Los Angeles!


Lively – lovely – Las Vegas!

I just came back from Las Vegas. I went there as a so-called "Vegas-Virgin" (first-timer), ready to be deflowered by this city full of expectations. I stayed four nights at the incredible Venetian Palazzo Hotel and got to see Las Vegas as I imagined it to be; luxury hotels with grand shows and entertainment, endless… Continue reading Lively – lovely – Las Vegas!


Discovering my Chile lindo!

When I went to Chile for the first time (many years ago), I had no idea what to expect. Since then, I have been there several times, and this is a country to fall in love with. So I did. I visited cities and places like Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Chiloè,… Continue reading Discovering my Chile lindo!


My favorite place – my island in the north!

It`s natural for me to start the blog with telling you about my favorite place in the world (everyone has their own); my home country Norway. I come from a small island up in the north - but even though it`s small, it is big on impressions, with amazing nature. Norway is a small country… Continue reading My favorite place – my island in the north!

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Welcome to Charlotteontheroad!

Are you ready to travel with me? My name is Charlotte and I love to travel. I want to take you with me on the journey around the world and show you some of my favorite places (check out the special favorites in each article - secret tips that I really recommend). I hope you`ll… Continue reading Welcome to Charlotteontheroad!