6 good reasons to visit Germany!

I have to be honest – I totally underestimated Germany as a travel destination. My apologies, Germany! There are so many wonderful destinations in this country, and I get one surprise after the other traveling around here. I want to present my 6 favorite reasons to visit Germany – you are welcome to add your personal favorites too!

Let me start with my home city for the last eleven years:

1) Heidelberg

The city of Heidelberg deserves its very own post, and it will have one in the future for sure. This city is famous all over the world for its castle, the students and the romantic atmosphere in the old part of the city – and it`s all as great as it sounds.  This beautiful city has a deserved motto: “I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg” (after a famous German song from 1925)!

2) The City Break opportunities 

OK, so we all know the cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Oh yes, and then you have Wiesbaden, Mainz, Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Leipzig and….I could go on forever. The point is – no matter what kind of city you prefer, you will probably find it in Germany. Personally, I prefer Hamburg – my perfect place for a short break!

Medieval Nürnberg
Medieval Nürnberg

3) The Food – not only “Wurst” 

German food, what is that? You might automatically think of sausages, pork knuckle, sauerkraut and dumplings – and you will find it here for sure, but there are lots of great culinary experiences that you will discover as a big surprise. Many chefs experiment with traditional food, combining it with modern styles, creating new, exciting and also very international variations.  Yammi!

Delicious culinary highlights
Delicious culinary highlights

4) The Wine – my personal favorite

Whats the first thing that pops up in our heads when thinking of German wine? Riesling! And yes, the German wines is becoming more and more popular for good reasons. The wine here is just absolutely amazing, and it is developing so much! The Rheingau are, as well as the Palatinate, produce my personal favorite wines. To visit the winemakers, learn more about the production of wine, and most important; tasting it – it`s one of the good reasons to travel around the country.

My tips of wine tastings:

– Take the wine tasting tour through the Eberbach Abbey near Eltville (in the footsteps of Jean Connery) – it is amazing!

– Visit the Flick Winery in Hochheim – these are the vineyards of the Queen Victoria of Great Britain still today and “home” of the sparkling wine!

– Go to Rüdesheim and by a Wine Time Pass – this way you get to try wines from different high-quality winemakers in Rüdesheim like Nägler, Allendorf and Breuer – for a really great price!

Wine tasting tour of the Eberbach Abbey  near Eltville
Wine tasting tour of the Eberbach Abbey near Eltville

5) Value for money

We gladly pay for quality, right? And we save money to see and do the things we dream of and like. The good thing about Germany is, you get a lot for your money!  The prices are really low for good quality activities compared to other European destinations. It`s just more fun when you get to do and see, eat and drink, sleep and travel – without being “broke” afterwards;-)

My tip: Check out the webpage of the local tourist office and find offers combining different activities for a good price, like for example the Ring Ticket in the Rhine Valley (just an example, you will find similar offers all over the country)!

The cable car in Rüdesheim on the Rhine
The cable car in Rüdesheim on the Rhine

6) Being the heart of Europe

One advantage of Germany, which for me is really important, is the location on the map. You can easily travel in Germany and combine it with other great destinations like Paris, Prague or Kopenhagen (just to mention a few of the ones I like). It`s just a great hub, giving you the opportunity of discovering Europe.

I discovered Germany and I keep discovering Germany. Even though it took me some time to open my eyes for this wonderful destination (despite living here) – I am glad it finally happened!

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –





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