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Welcome to Charlotteontheroad!


Are you ready to travel with me?

My name is Charlotte and I love to travel. I want to take you with me on the journey around the world and show you some of my favorite places (check out the special favorites in each article – secret tips that I really recommend). I hope you`ll enjoy the ride. Let`s go!

Contact: charlottejakobsen@web.de


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Charlotteontheroad!

  1. Good luck with your travels, Charlotte, and looking forward to seeing future posts! I’ll be continuing my travels in and around your home country very soon…

  2. Glad you enjoyed LA. I lived there for years and my daughter now lives there. So many things to do. If you haven’t visited, put San Francisco on your list. It’s my favorite city in U. S.

    1. I really enjoyed it. I am going back in October and look forward to it very much. Hey! SF is one of my favorites too:-) A post will follow about SF soon on Charlotteontheroad. What are your favorites there? I really loved the piers:-))

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