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A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!

In January 2017, was awarded with the German “Liebster award” (dearest award), nominated by my dear friend Marija Heller. Thank you very much for the nomination! Marija and her blog Alltagsreisen (in German) was awarded by another great German blog called Gehaichnis, credit to both of them for having awesome blogs with lots of travel…… Continue reading A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!


Northern Norway – the home of the midnight sun!

This summer, I went to the north of Norway to celebrate my daughters name day. I wanted to celebrate it in my home town, Melbu, situated in a region called Vesterålen. This is directly on the border to one of the worlds most famous island groups, the Lofoten Islands, with all its beauty. With friends…… Continue reading Northern Norway – the home of the midnight sun!


The captivating surroundings of Denver

My trip to Denver turned out to be amazing, not so much because of the city itself (I admit not having enough time to explore it, and I still enjoyed it), but most of all because of all the great things you can see and do in the surrounding areas. The wildlife is flourishing, and…… Continue reading The captivating surroundings of Denver


Jazz and joy in New Orleans!

Arriving at the airport in New Orleans, the first thing meeting me, is a huge statue of Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet. So I thought, hey, this can`t be anything than good. There was already music streaming from the loudspeakers – and the music was to follow me the whole week through. New Orleans -…… Continue reading Jazz and joy in New Orleans!


OSLO – the capital of winter wonderland!

Would you like to take a journey with me to my personal winter wonderland? Come with me to Oslo, Norway, and read about one of my favorite cities. The city is a fascinating place, also in the winter time, and it has its own magic when covered in snow. Norway’s capital has almost 650.000 inhabitants…… Continue reading OSLO – the capital of winter wonderland!


Christmas Market Magic in Heidelberg, Germany

The Christmas markets in Germany are famous and wonderful. Every little town and big city has one and all the markets have their own special personality. So has the one in Heidelberg – the well-known student city situated in southwest Germany with its castle and the river Neckar running through it. One of the most…… Continue reading Christmas Market Magic in Heidelberg, Germany


My bite of the big apple – NYC

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York, These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you… (Alicia Keys) I am standing in the middle of the big city life jungle, just watching everything and everyone rush by, and I feel alive.…… Continue reading My bite of the big apple – NYC


My Barcelona adventure

It was the mussels. They were perfect. I just love the feeling of sitting in a restaurant, being hungry, seeing the waiter arrive with the food, trying it – and then – feeling immediately that it is one of the best things you ever tasted. If this is accompanied with a delicious Rioja, I can…… Continue reading My Barcelona adventure


6 good reasons to visit Germany!

I have to be honest – I totally underestimated Germany as a travel destination. My apologies, Germany! There are so many wonderful destinations in this country, and I get one surprise after the other traveling around here. I want to present my 6 favorite reasons to visit Germany – you are welcome to add your…… Continue reading 6 good reasons to visit Germany!


London and its great surroundings!

“Good friends in front of the Tower Bridge – my travel companion – Anne”  London. I have the feeling that this is a city where most people have been to, but everyone has a different story to tell. Last week, I visited London with a new angle – to combine seeing the city and the…… Continue reading London and its great surroundings!