Working on my bucket list!

This summer, one of my dreams finally came true. A “check” on my bucket list!

To see the slideshow and find out what it was, push play:

Dare to make your dreams come true, the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –

Thank you, Feet Do Travel, for letting me share!


12 thoughts on “Working on my bucket list!

  1. I have never done this but it is on my list! I was close to doing it a few years ago but the ride was canceled because of bad weather. Hope I can do it soon!

  2. A balloon flight over an African plain is on my bucket list, but I’m scared if heights haha. So glad you got to tick an item off your bucket list! #feetdotravel

  3. I have a few ballooning adventures on my bucket list. Bagan, Cappadocia & the desert outside Dubai. Well done for ticking yours off! I had better get my act together. 😉

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