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Soul searching in the Black Forest

I spent the last few weeks soul searching, taking some time out. To do that, I headed for the famous Black Forest in south-west Germany. No, it is not one forest and no, it is not black:-) The Black Forest is a forested mountain range (and Germany’s biggest nature park)! Go figure….!

The nature is beautiful. Peaceful and powerful at the same time. It was really nice to just spend some time closer to nature, to take long walks (I even tried Nordic Walking!) and soak it all in. I discovered that you don’t have to travel far from home to change perspectives and still feel far away. It’s not even a three hour drive from where I live to where I went for my soul searching, but I felt like on a different planet. My little girl was with me of course, couldn’t stand it being that long without her!

So, here are a few of the gems I discovered in the Black Forest that I would like to share with you; Lake Titisee, Lake Schluchsee and the Feldberg Mountain! But first: some impressions as well as the evidence that I actually did Nordic Walking!😊🤗

Lake Titisee
Even though touristy and full of souvenir shops (cuckoo clocks all over the place), the Lake Titisee really touched my soul. It’s not a very big lake, so going on a bout tour etc. is not really necessary, I just really enjoyed the atmosphere around the lake. Josie had a great time feeding the ducks and there were various restaurants and places to have a snack. Once, we also brought food and did a picnic at the lake which also was a really great experience and fun for the children. I was very lucky because it was never crowded when I was there, so try to visit outside of the main season. Let’s take a virtual tour:

Lake Schluchsee

The Lake Schluchsee is a lot less touristy and more quiet and idyllic in a way. It is also bigger than the Lake Titisee, being the biggest lake in the Black Forest. I was there just for a short visit and I really enjoyed it. I had real luck with the weather:-)

The Feldberg Mountain

It’s a popular destination for downhill sports activities and fans of winter sports, the Feldberg Mountain. We went up with the gondola in very foggy weather. One couldn’t see anything! But we thought, hey, at least we can visit the German Ham Museum in the watchtower and the kids can be in the gondola, which is great fun. So, we went up and spent some time in the museum, which is a very small and cute one (probably one of the worlds smallest museums but still worth visiting). The entrance to the museum was complementary in the gondola ticket, so that was good. Then we went up the watchtower just to have a cup of tea from the machine when the sky suddenly cleared up, providing us with the most amazing view of the Black Forest you can ever imagine. I felt blessed. One of those moments where you can’t believe how lucky you are! Thank you, nature!

I can recommend the Black Forest as a travel destination and also a winter destination. There are several more gems to discover, you can read more about them here. Make sure to use the Black Forest Card for great discounts.

A big thanks to my little Josie for three wonderful weeks together, for which I’m very grateful. She is the true love of my life. Forever and without comparison.

Dare to make your dreams come true. The journey starts with a single step.

– Charlotte –

Thank you California Globetrotter and Feet Do Travel for letting me share!

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16 thoughts on “Soul searching in the Black Forest

  1. You have some very beautiful shots there and what a wonderful time to spend with your daughter. I love walking and discovering new places, and this is inspiring me to look for similar places to visit in England.

  2. That area looks beautiful. I love the views of the lakes. I can see how that would be a great place to do soul searching. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. What gorgeous views you got once the skies cleared! Funny how things work out sometimes. We would love to spend some time exploring the Black Forest, and we’re adding the spots you visited to the ever-expanding list. 😉 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard & #FeetDoTravel!

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