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Losing my heart in Vienna­čĺŁ

My expectations were huge before going to Vienna. It has been high on my bucket list for years and now I was finally going there. What could I expect? Would Austrias capital deliver? Arriving in Vienna, we approached the inner city circle and I was already stunned before even leaving the airport shuttle. So many…… Continue reading Losing my heart in Vienna­čĺŁ

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Soul searching in the Black Forest

I spent the last few weeks soul searching, taking some time out. To do that, I headed for the famous Black Forest in south-west Germany. No, it is not one forest and no, it is not black:-) The Black Forest is a forested mountain range (and Germany’s biggest nature park)! Go figure….! The nature is…… Continue reading Soul searching in the Black Forest


A midsummers dream!

Last Friday, my family and friends in Norway celebrated the yearly event of midsummer, or as we call it “St. Hans”. It’s a celebration of the shortest night of the year and a great highlight for us when it comes to scandinavian celebrations. Since I did not have the opportunity to go home for the…… Continue reading A midsummers dream!


My TOP 6 activities on Norway`s “17. Mai”!

This month I went to Norway to celebrate our national holiday, May 17 (a celebration of our Constitution). I wanted my daughter to experience this day with our family in Norway; her first of many national holidays. So, many people ask me what we do to celebrate this special day? Let me walk you through…… Continue reading My TOP 6 activities on Norway`s “17. Mai”!

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The Rheinstein Castle – a “Rhine” beauty!

The Rhine Valley in Germany is famous for all its castles and good wine. Let me show you one of my favorites! Like a little gemstone in the middle of the Rhine Valley I discovered the beautiful Rheinstein Castle. It has soul! It`s a steep walk up (but very short) to the castle after arriving…… Continue reading The Rheinstein Castle – a “Rhine” beauty!

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A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!

In January 2017, was awarded with the German “Liebster award” (dearest award), nominated by my dear friend Marija Heller. Thank you very much for the nomination! Marija and her blog Alltagsreisen┬á(in German) was awarded by another great German blog called Gehaichnis, credit to both of them for having awesome blogs with lots of travel…… Continue reading A German award for Charlotteontheroad – DANKE!