A midsummers dream!

Last Friday, my family and friends in Norway celebrated the yearly event of midsummer, or as we call it “St. Hans”. It’s a celebration of the shortest night of the year and a great highlight for us when it comes to scandinavian celebrations. Since I did not have the opportunity to go home for the St. Hans celebration this year, my mom was nice enough to take pictures so that I can share it with you guys. She celebrated it with my aunt and uncle in her birth town called Sigerfjorden. This little town is situated in the Vesterålen region, close to the famous Lofoten Islands. Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy (to see how to get there, please read the very first post on my blog, there are all the details):
We make huge fires on the shores of the ocean:

(Photo: Laina Karlsen, all photos below: Adelheid Josie Lockert)

My mom with my auntie Nina:

Surroundings (no filters needed):

And of course, delicious food. The typical thing to eat on this day is “rømmegrøt”, a kind of porridge served with sugar, cinnamon and a butter eye. Yammi! We typically drink red syrup mixed with water (before starting with the alcohol:-)!

It looks amazing, doesn’t it? With this nature surrounding the event, it’s really a postcard experience.

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –


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