The Kronberg Castle Hotel – feeling like a queen!

Arriving at the Schlosshotel Kronberg, a 5-star superior castle hotel 15 minutes from Frankfurt, I felt breath-taken before even entering the hotel lobby. What an impressive building! The castle (and golf resort) stands out in the green surroundings like a true landmark and something truly unique. Ok, I’m already using grand words and we didn’t even enter the hotel, so you get the picture. This is a true wow!

The hotel was built in 1893 under commission from Empress Victoria Friedrich and has been a luxury hotel since 1954. These walls are full of history and historic treasures like paintings and furniture make it a museum as well. The British interior designer Nina Campbell was responsible for the renewing of the rooms over the last two years (vintage mix), and that brings us to the description of my room. I entered the room and had to look twice to find my bed. The room was huge…and absolutely beautiful! Let’s do a photo tour:

So, after admiring my room, it was time for dinner. On my way down, I tried to capture the feeling of the royals living in the castle in former times. A very special moment. The hotel is owned by the Landgrave and Princes of Hessen and it gives you a very authentic feeling of being a “royal”. Dinner was served outside and started with a small greet from the chef (salmon with apple). The food was incredible! Of course, served with local wine and it has to be a Riesling:-)

The Kronberg Castle Hotel is situated in the Taunus area, offering tons of leisure activities close by. Like I mentioned, Frankfurt is not far away, nor are great cities like Wiesbaden or Bad Homburg, perfect for spa and relaxation. Golf, horse riding, hiking or biking, water activities on the Main River, mountain biking – it’s all right there (the hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to most activities and can arrange all the practical planning). But me, I didn’t want to leave this hotel for any activity in the world! 

Staying one night at this hotel gave me a luxury overdose in the nicest of ways and I really felt like a queen! I don’t need luxury to be happy, but it sure was fun getting a taste of it. They offer different events and afternoon-tea (I got a taste of the pastries, sooo good) well worth trying even though not staying the night. 

For more information about the Kronberg Castle hotel, have a look here (hotel webpage). 

“She’s the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul” (Adrian Michael)

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step.

– Charlotte –


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