I like it sweet & cozy!

I just got back from a nice weekend in Rüdesheim in the Rheingau area and I want to share this little gem of a hotel where I stayed. It’s cozy, traditonal and sweet, the food is amazing and the best of all, the owner, Ralf Nägler, produces my favorite white wine ever. Of course it’s a Riesling!

The hotel I’m talking about is the wine hotel “Zum Grünen Kranz” close to the Rhine River. I just fell for it! 

Isn’t it lovely? Here is the front side of the hotel:

It is a family-runned, three star superior hotel situated in the center of the lovely town Rüdesheim. We rented bikes and had a great and easy ride along the Rhine River. To get lost is nearly impossible! The hotel offers various extras like wine-tastings (actually, there is a complementary wine-tasting included in your room price), 5% off when shopping in the vinothek, welcoming drink and lots of other things. 

This is where I went crazy:

Not only are the bottles a piece of art theirselves, but the content makes the palate super happy. This high-quality Riesling is really amazing. A good way to try the wine in Rüdesheim is to do the Wine & Taste Walk (download the brochure here)!

We were lucky to take part of the wine festival “Riesling Summer” during our stay, where they actually crowned the Rüdesheim Wine Queen! Impressive! So, you don’t need to be royal to be a queen😊

Thank you, Ralf, for letting us stay at your wonderful hotel and for the rental bikes, it was great!

A further advantage for us was that we had a family room, meaning that me and my daughter could stay in a separate room from my mom but still have a shared bathroom and entrance. That worked perfect!

To read more about Rüdesheim and what to do there (and the wine!), please have a look at my previous post “6 good reasons to visit Germany!“.

Dare to make your dreams come true – the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –


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