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Mini Vacation at the Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof

Recently, due to certain life-changing experiences, I`ve started thinking about how to make my every-day life as spectacular as possible. I want to enjoy every single day! This doesn`t mean doing something “wow” all the time, it means enjoying every day as much as possible, also the small and simple things. BUT it also means doing something special once in a while and to get new input. So, I decided to go on a mini-vacation! The choice was easy, as I have always wanted to visit the Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof (****S), situated only ten minutes away from the beatiful city of Speyer (and only a half-an hour drive from my home in Heidelberg!).

I visited the spa at the hotel once many years ago, but I was never a guest at the hotel, and the spa area has developed alot since then. I found a great offer online (check this link for some super-saver offers) including a one-night stay, a four-course dinner at the Restaurant Salierhof, as well as the entrance to the spa and wellness area. There was nothing more to think about – booked!

With the weather being absolutely wonderful during my stay, this was just an absolute dream, and I can highly recommed checking out this hotel. My stay started with a relaxing Hamam (foam peeling and massage), followed by a nice time in the pools and the saunas, which were all renovated and renewed in 2017. I was able to totally forget about everything and just have a great time. I realized how badly I needed this timeout, and that you don`t have to go far away from home to really get the vacation feeling. I was not able to take pictures in the spa area, but check out this webpage to see some!I stayed in a Maisonette Suite which was just incredible and had the best view ever! The surroundings (Binshof) are picturesque and green; three clear blue lakes, horses and really nice houses. To go for a walk is a must. Check out my room and the view (OMG):

Let`s talk about the restaurant, which you can of course visit without being a hotel guest (as well as the spa area). A really high-class ambience offered the perfect setting for a gourmet tour through four different courses. The four courses were: 1) a small smoked salmon salad with wakame, which was (surprisingly) a perfect match 2) a creamy parsnip soup 3) pork with sauerkraut and spätzle and 4) a coffee Creme Brûlée that blew me away! These delicacies were accompanied by the best sekt (sparkling wine) I have ever tasted; the Lindner Sekt produced by Schloss Affaltrach. Let`s just say, I was happy as a bee! Here are some impressions (I wish you could taste it):

Visiting the Lindner Hotel in Binshof is highly recommendable, the staff is great and the service was perfect. Thank you for the upgrade, dear Lindner. I had a wonderful time and will be back soon for sure!

Dare to make your dreams come true, the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –

Thank you, FeetDoTravel, for letting me share!


10 thoughts on “Mini Vacation at the Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof

  1. I remember when I stayed there back in 2015 and I absolutely loved it! I didn’t know they remodeled; sounds like it’s time for another visit. 😍 Do they still have the chocolate fountain as part of the dinner menu?

    1. Yes, I think it’s time to visit again☺ the spa area is really much nicer now! I didn’t see any chocolate fountain, sounds like a nice idea though😉 thank you for reading!

  2. I keep thinking that I want to stay at a spa one day, but never actually do it. Hotel Spa Binshop sounds absolutely amazing! And looks beautiful as well! How did you choose what treatment to get? It seems a little overwhelming to me.

    1. Same here, but then I just decided to finally do it😂 I love Hamam, so the choice was easy, but normally I search for offers where I get the most for the money. Some treatments are more expensive just because they use a certain product brand, I try to avoid those😉 look for good offers I would say…! Hope you get the chance to do it soon💕

  3. What a relaxing place of so much beauty. I’m hoping to visit Heidelberg someday and I’d love to go here!

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