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Chocolate passion in Weinheim, Germany!

Chocolate and travel, two of my biggest passions! In the cozy, half-timbered town of Weinheim (on the famous Bergstraße), both of my passions meet in a fabulous way. I went to visit the town and a man who probably loves chocolate more than I do (if even possible), Peter Gärtner, owner and soul of the Chocolaterie CACAO. His pralines and chocolate creations are not only a joy for the eyes, but causes crazy good taste explosions for the palate as well.

A chocolate dream come true!

The city of Weinheim is hallmarked by two castle ruins; the Windeck and the Wachenburg Castles. Therefore, it is called “The City of two Castles”. One of the highlights on the menue of CACAO is the “Zweiburgen Praline”, the praline of two castles. This connects the chocolate and the city beautifully, and it tastes absolutely amazing. It contains two layers of different chocolate fillings, representing the two castles in addition to the print on top. A real wow (it blew me away)!

The Two Castle praline!

Beautiful view of Weinheim from the Wachenburg Castle!

Weinheim has a very nice old-town with the “Marktplatz” market place as one of my favorite spots. This is the perfect place to linger in the summer, with great restaurants and bars surrounded by the enchanting half-timbered houses, so typical for Germany. Directly at the market place, one of the two CACAO shops are situated (the second one is close by in the pedestrian street). One can also order chocolate online (just saying:-)! For a nice overview of some of the restaurants at the market place, click here (in German, but you get an impression).

Further highlights of the city is the city park, providing a direct view of the two castles. This place gives me the feeling of being in a fairy tale!

Weinheim is situated close to many grand destinations in Germany, like for example Heidelberg, Frankfurt, the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest. It’s the perfect stop on a round-trip through Southwest Germany. To discover small jewels along the way, like the Chocolaterie CACAO, is exactly what makes travel so fantastic. To meet Peter and his wonderful wife was a great enrichment when visiting Weinheim, such nice people with amazing products!

What could be a better present to a special person than little drops of happiness? I certainly didn’t leave the shop empty-handed! 😊

Eat chocolate with no worries, have a glas of wine if you want to, enjoy life to the full because we only have one chance! Travel to new places, discover new adventures or travel to old places to relive old memories – but travel and feel happy, we deserve it💕

Dare to make your dreams come true, the journey starts with a single step!

– Charlotte –


Big thanks to Faraway Files, Feet Do Travel and California Globetrotter for sharing!

California Globetrotter


42 thoughts on “Chocolate passion in Weinheim, Germany!

  1. I´ve added Weinheim, Germany as one of the places I must visit in Germany. We visited the Lindt Chocolate Miuseum In Cologne about a year ago and loved it! I mean who doesn´t love chocolate?! 🙂 🙂

  2. So, as soon as I saw that this post was about chocolate I was excited! Then I decided I needed some chocolate to eat while reading it! I love both castle and chocolate, so that praline sounds like the perfect treat for me! #farawayfiles

  3. You had me sold at chocolates! They look so pretty, almost to pretty to eat. The two castles are a nice bonus! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  4. Weinheim looks so charming and all the chocolate is awesome. I really need to put it on my bucket list. Great Post, thanks for sharing! #theweeklypostcard

  5. What is there not to love about Weinheim? Castles? Chocolate??!! Definitely a place I would visit, those Chocolate pralines and the way they wrap their little parcels of happiness, divine! Thanks for sharing .. and making want to eat chocolate haha Pinned #feetdotravel

    1. Thank you for letting me share, such a great community! The only “problem” with such good chocolate is that it makes me want more all the time😂😂 it was really good! Hehehe

  6. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate but it is unbeatable in Europe really and your photos did make me salivate a little!. Great photos and combining chocolate with sightseeing is a pretty good combination – must have given you plenty of energy to explore!

  7. I love the chocolates with the castle silhouettes on them! That’s my kind of souvenir, but if I’m being TOTALLY honest… they probably wouldn’t make it home. European chocolate is my downfall. I find it difficult to even eat it in the US now… it’s just SO good. Weinheim looks straight out of a fairytale! Love the architectural details of the town!

  8. I think it is the first time I hear about this town but, wow, what a place. I am sold on the possibility of visiting two castles. Plus, I will not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of those pralines with the castles painted on them. So great to discover new places!

    1. It really is the magic of travel, to be able to discover new and exiting destinations and activities😉👍 hope you can visit one day and try the chocolate😍

  9. I’d never heard of Weinheim before but it looks really cute! And I’m sold if a place involves castles and chocolate… yup. Will travel for chocolate!!

  10. I was literally just thinking how I really want chocolate right now. And I just started a Whole 30 so I can’t have any! And then I read this post .. and now I’m really about to just give innnnn. This all looks amazing!

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