The TOP 10 of my 3D cakes

There is a passion of mine that not so many people know about. I want to share it with you guys. Of course, it has something to do with sweets! I make 3D cakes🤗 and I love it!

Normally, I use fondant to make roses and flowers and to decorate the cakes. It started very simple, then developed through the years (I am still a beginner, but I am trying to constantly develop my skills). Actually, my godson Leon is the reason I even started doing the cakes. He would always wish for a cake for his birthday, and I wanted to do my best to put some stars in his eyes. And it worked😍

So, I want to show you some of my cakes and give you inspiration and tips for your next cake projects. Your opinions and input are more than welcome! I do a lot of research online before making the cakes to get ideas for the designs, then add a personal touch. Here we go!

#1 The Football Cake

When your godson’s big passion is football, the cake looks like this! I used a normal garlic press to make the green grass and downloaded a template for the pentagons. This was a challenge, as they need to get bigger and bigger. Learning by doing!

#2 The Handbag Cake

The handbag cake was made for a friend’s birthday, because she is crazy about handbags😁 The black fondant actually looks like leather! I normally buy the fondant already colored because it’s easier. You can color it yourself but it takes too much time if you ask me.

#3 The Rose Cake

I made the rose cake for my little girl, Josie, for her second birthday. I used a special powder to make the borders, which was a first for me (this technique needs a little practice. The first couple of tries didn’t work out, but then I got the hang of it). So much fun! Making fondant roses and flowers takes time, but it is really great to see the beautiful results. My next project is to learn how to make buttercream flowers😊 Can’t wait!

#4 The Minnie Mouse Cake

For her fifth birthday, my godson’s sister (Adriana) wished for a Minnie Mouse cake, so I made her this one. To glue the hearts and dots to the fondant, I use water and edible glue, depending on the weight of the object. Heavier things like flowers etc. often need glue, whereas the lighter things just need water. For the letters and numbers and some of the forms, I use different cutters. This is actually very easy to make if you want to use them on normal cakes, too. Still looks great!

#5 The Spinner Cake

Leon turned nine last October, and of course he wanted a spinner cake, as this was the most popular thing for kids last year. I added “special effects” like the lights (normal electric candles that change colors) and the rotating platter. These were uncomplicated effects that still led to a “wow” amongst the party guests. The only limit is your own creativity!

#6 The Butterfly Cake

A good friend of mine, Carmen, is a fantastic pastry chef. She asked me if we could decorate a cake together for her gorgeous daughter, Malou, when she turned two. What an honor! She had the idea of mixing some dark purple food color into the fondant to make the wings of the butterfly a little more lively. Such a wonderful idea! I think it turned out amazing. For the edges, we used dried flowers to get a special touch. Making fondant bows is not complicated. Just use paper towel to make the bow stand up (while it dries in the fridge), that way it doesn’t collapse.

#7 The Elsa Cake (Frozen)

When Adriana turned four, she was crazy about Elsa from Frozen. Now she is five and she still is..hehe. Her wish was of course an Elsa cake. I bought an Elsa doll and made a hole for it in the middle of the cake (put foil around the legs to prevent them from getting dirty, then you can just unwrap it when the cake is eaten). For this cake I used silver glitter to sparkle it up a little. I consider glitter perfect for creating visual depth on fondant. Important for this cake: use a firm cake base. If not, the cake will fall apart around the doll (as it did the first time I tried). A further tip: Don’t use too much cream on this cake, as it will glide when the fondant sets. I let the cape of the doll hang over the cake to make it look more real. One can also make a sugar cape, but let’s not make it too complicated, ha!😘

#8 The Little Mermaid Cake

The last time I was at home in Norway, it was my niece’s birthday. Her name is Nomi and she wished for a cake with Ariel, the little mermaid on it. Since I didn’t have any tools or colors with me, I had to improvise. But it worked out and Nomi was happy. So just use what you have, it’s not necessary to buy all the fancy equipment. The Internet is also full of tips on how to make things like the sea stars in a simple way. Sometimes, less is more!

#9 The Camera Cake

This cake gave me a real headache😂. It was a really hot summer day and the heat made the fondant impossible to work with. It dried out and gave me a hard time. I still wanted to show you the result, even though I was not 100% happy with it. In the end, I was happy that it worked out somehow, even if the result was not the one I had in mind. What did I learn? Making a 3D cake is an unpredictable process and you have to improvise. You never know exactly how the cake will look in the end. So don’t be sad if it didn’t turn out just as imagined, it might still be good and sometimes even better than expected (just not in his case..hehe)😉.

#10 The Flag Cake

This is maybe not really a 3D cake, but it still belongs amongst my top 10. I wanted to show you a cake without fondant, just to show you how easy it can be to decorate a cake with fruits, for example. I made this cake for my mother’s birthday last year. Since she celebrated it in Germany whilst visiting me, I made her the Norwegian flag with strawberries and blueberries (to make her feel like home). Yammi! 💝

I hope you feel inspired and eager to bake! In case you have any questions, you are welcome to comment and I will happily recommend products or tell you which ones I used, etc.

Good luck!🍰🤗


Thank you Feet Do Travel and California Globetrotter for sharing!

California Globetrotter

18 thoughts on “The TOP 10 of my 3D cakes

  1. Of all the posts to read this week, this had to be first! You said the magic word “cake” haha. What amazingly creative cakes! Live the camera and handbag, I would just want to take photos instead if eating it! #feetdotravel

    1. Hehehe…thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback💝 The guests at the party kept wanting to put the handbag on the floor, they didn’t see it was a cake😂😂

  2. That spinner cake is a definite “wow” – you have the creativity gene for sure! I can’t imagine being a child again and having such a cake to celebrate my birthday with, I think I would be over the moon! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. You are so talented!!! I took a couple cake decorating classes after I graduated from college, but none of mine were anywhere close to yours!! Beautiful work!!

  4. Beautiful amazing cakes. My favorite is the purse cake it looks so real. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

  5. Your cakes are art works, such a creative hobby ( and yummy for others!! :-D) If I had a godmother like you, I´d seriously always ask for a cake, no matter the occasion lol! #feetdotravel

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